Food Packaging Boxes

Food Packaging Boxes

Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece
Paper & Board As per client’s requirement
Ply 3, 5, 7 or As per requirement
Size As per client’s requirement
Fabrication As per client’s requirement
Industrial Use Gift & Craft
Usage Apparel, Food, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Personal Care, Shipping, Gift & Craft
Property Recyclable & Sustainable
Design Type Customized
Color Multicolor or As per requirement

Every day, across India, foods items like cakes, macaroons, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc are consumed. Most of the vendor’s face packaging problems when it comes to saving their nutritional value and taste. Therefore, we are there to help you pack your food items with utmost care and hygiene. To protect your food items, food packaging boxes are there to help. The boxes also help you restore the quality of the food items and avoid spillage.

At Sriyug, the range of colour combinations and designs is unlimited when it comes to customization. Our team of experts takes proper care when it comes to delivering you the perfect packaging material. Never compromising in quality and care is what makes us different from our competitors. Our super-fast order delivery is another add-on for our clients.

In any sector, high-quality product packaging is critical. However, it is arguably the most important in the food industry. Being providers of food packaging boxes, we make sure that their goods are safe and free of contamination throughout their journey from the factory to the store shelf. Because it also serves as in-store promotion for the product, the packaging must be sturdy and appealing. The importance of product packaging in the food industry is security and marketing.

Even if your food product is securely sealed and protected from pollutants, physical damage might jeopardize its quality. Food goods must be protected from physical harm throughout material handling, transportation, and storage, which is why strong packaging is critical.

Food packaging boxes can protect the freshness and quality of food goods. As a result of current packaging technologies, food manufacturers and processors can now provide fresh food to end-users. This unique packaging technique has not only altered the way food is stored but has also set new quality standards for multinational food makers. Consumers may enjoy fresh food no matter where it is supplied from globally if it is maintained in the correct packaging under the right conditions.

To ensure food safety, the packaging should be tamper-resistant. Contaminated food is harmful to one’s health. To avoid tampering, tamper-proof packaging might be employed. This implies that tamper evidence should be included in food packaging. Food makers should include tamper-evident labels on the packaging that show if the product has been tampered with. Printed features, unique packaging membranes, breakaway closures, and other graphics and product characteristics that alter due to tampering are all examples. Thus, intentional tampering may be detected and prevented with the correct food packaging.

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