Metalized Packaging Boxes or Mono Carton

Metalized Packaging Boxes or Mono Carton

Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece
Paper & Board As per client’s requirement
Ply 3, 5, 7 or As per requirement
Size As per client’s requirement
Fabrication As per client’s requirement
Industrial Use Gift & Craft
Usage Apparel, Food, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Personal Care, Shipping, Gift & Craft
Property Recyclable & Sustainable
Design Type Customized

The one thing that impresses customers of luxury perfumes, exquisite liquor, and other premium products even before they see / smell / taste the actual product is Premium Packaging. It is when used to present products, they gain premium value in the eyes of the customers. Our premium Metalized Packaging Boxes or Mono carton that are custom coated with gold, silver and custom colour foiling are what that can make your brand stand apart amongst your competitors.

Metalized Packaging Boxes or Mono carton Boxes are used to enhance the appeal of a product and make it look more glamorous. These premium range of packaging boxes come in a varied range of finishes including metal, rosewood, velvet and any required effect as per the requirements of the client.

These are premium paper items that are first printed with the design content of your requirement and are then given various premium post printing finish. The finishing can be a combination of high gloss or matte UV with partial or full cover stamping, foiling with matte or high gloss metal or also velvet / rosewood finishing as per the client’s choice.

We pay a lot of attention to the form factor, quality, and finishing of these Metalized Packaging Boxes or Mono carton and make sure that they meet all your expectations. These premium items that are also used as mono cartons are used in the packaging of premium items such as perfumes, gift items, benchmark electronics and premium confectionaries like chocolate, spices, syrups and assorted food items etc.

The packaging boxes adds value to the package and distinguishes your goods from the crowd. They are always on the lookout for packaging that stands out on the shelves, and customers like metalized packaging owing to its distinct appearance. Visit any retail store if you ever want to see how metalized product packaging deceives people into buying them. You’ll find that metalized pouches or boxes are more appealing to purchasers than plastic or paper packaging.

One of the numerous reasons both customers and producers like aluminium foil is that it can be recycled several times without losing its quality.

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