Corrugated Parasite

Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece
Type Offset
Ply 3 or 5 Ply
Printing 4 + 0 or 4 + 4 color (Multicolor)
Others Lamination if required
Shape As per client design
Fabrication As per design
Service Duration 5-7 Days

Corrugated parasites are one of the coolest space savers and promotional displays that can hold your products perfectly and let your customers notice them at a first place. You can keep them indoor or outdoor by simply placing them over the counters or hanging them on walls. These can be used to place your best sellers or newly launched products. You can customize them for displaying occasional discounts and offers as well. Affordable and beautiful at the same time make them the best choice for promotional displays.

Sriyug’s corrugated parasites can be ordered with personalized requirements according to your requirements. We strive to offer you the best designs with fabrication and ply of the utmost quality. An innumerable design and affordable price range with the best-corrugated material makes us different from our competitors. It can be asked for lamination if required. In short, we can help you create the best promotional displays for your shops and outlets, whether in single or multiple colors.

Corrugated parasites are streamlined display units that may be easily hung or attached on a wall, between aisles, or even at the cash register at any retail establishment. Corrugated sites are incredibly light and easy to transport. Unlike many other display units, retail businesses usually provide free space for Parasite displays since they do not take up any shelf space. We understand brand concerns and shop space constraints, so we provide adaptable display solutions.

Our offering is simply unique and thriving because of its innovative and robust designs, as well as its straightforward installation. It is straightforward to put together. It arrives in a collapsed state to conserve space and facilitate storage. It is quickly built by tilting it to form the box shape and closing the flaps with our patented tuck lock. Before going live, the shelves or the header can be adjusted depending on the design and layout.

They are adaptable and may be used where clip strip goods are typically used. They are also ideal for odd placement on fridge sides, gondola ends, and other areas where no product is generally displayed. They are often made bespoke to satisfy specific promotional objectives and can be delivered flat packaged for easy assembly or pre-assembled and stock-filled.

They are adaptable and may be used in places where clip strip goods would generally be used. They are also ideal for odd placement on fridge sides, gondola ends, and other areas where no goods usually are merchandised. They are often made bespoke to fit specific advertising objectives and can be provided flat packaged for quick assembly or pre-assembled and stocked with merchandise.

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