Product Hangers

Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece
Material As per clients requirement
Type Offset
Size Any
Printing Single or double side
Design Yes
Color Single or Multicolour
Fabrication As per requirement
Service Duration 5-6 Days

Product Hangers, commonly known as Danglers, are used to hang products in stores that come in flow packs. They are usually displayed across the entire spectrum of shops like Paan Shops, Kiryana Stores, Grocery stores, and many other B2C shop formats. Products like masala pouch, chips packets, Horlicks and Boost packets, and many others. They can be easily be hung on any type of regular wall, or shelf using nails. A powerful advertising material, affordable with attention-grabbing capabilities is the key advantage to use them. These hangers or danglers can be customized to any design. They may require assembly according to your requirements. This can be in corrugation, Kappa board or in wire metal.

Dispensing of your products is really easy, as you just need to simply tea off the product from the product hangers and Danglers and give it to the customers. They are a powerful mode of display and extremely cost-effective. They are the best-suited promotional displays for retail shops due to their space-saving capabilities.

Ordering your Product hangers from Sriyug allows you to save your pocket and get customized best quality material with peculiar designs at the same time.

They may be readily hung on any standard wall, aisle, or shelf with a pin or a nail. Most hangers don’t need to be assembled and turned right away, while some personalized Hangers only need to be twisted to lock in their specific forms for display. Brands unpack and send flow packs to retail outlets, making dispensing a breeze.

They are used to hang items that arrive in flow packs at retailers. Hangers give excellent visibility, are simple to store and move, and require no specific expertise or technique to hang. Because of these characteristics, they are an essential element of any brand’s in-store marketing collateral. Product Hangers may be readily hung on a pillar, gate, ceiling, or wall with any accessible nail or pin. We collaborate with companies to build appealing and durable hangers at Sriyug.

These Product hangers are a powerful and cost-effective way of display. Hangers have an advantage over other display materials because of their aerial visibility. We have a significant edge in that it has complete in-house competence. As a consequence, we provide unique personalized headers with eye-catching visuals. We may also create inventive shapes in titles to showcase the business logo, product outline, and even photographs of brand ambassadors.

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