Multicolour Offset Printing

We present you with the best in class Offset Printing PC & Offset Printing PET for all packaging and promotional items like window kit, window dressing, PVC & PET Fridge stickers, & buntings, standees and adhesive promotional for on-field and POS marketing activities.

PET/PC/PVC coated packaging with UV Offset Printing PC have a high level of durability and resistance to in-transit wear, thus making them a perfect choice for edible items like spices, pre-mixes and confectioneries. Our packaging also locks out moisture, making them the ideal choices for processing the primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products.

UV Offset Printing on PET / PC / PVC is also highly suitable for adhesive labels of containers that are used in a wide range of segments like paints, beverages, food products and health-care products, appliances etc. Our range of printing options provide the most vibrant colours with incredible accuracy, we also accommodate minimum order quantities to larger ones for start-ups to large scale companies.

We understand that our clients have to comply with all the standards and regulations, our stringent quality policy and automation in error-proofing ensure that all the information mentioned on your primary and secondary packaging is thoroughly checked and is at par with all your compliance needs and statutory regulations.

When it comes to printing on plastic, most customers are soon overwhelmed by the sheer variety of various plastic substrates on the market and offset Printing PET. The average individual will Google “plastic printing” and select the lowest solution.

The lengthy answer is that, while the ordinary consumer may get by with only a basic understanding of plastic substrates, there is a vast diversity of polymers ideal for printing with an unlimited number of applications, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re making signs to announce a clearance sale that will only be out for a few weeks, you don’t need a high-grade, UV-resistant plastic. If strength and durability are critical to the work, it may be worth investing in a higher-quality plastic.

It is utilized in various applications, including sewage pipes, credit cards, and vinyl records. It is incredibly durable and straightforward to die-cut, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. It’s usually cast (dried on a sheet) or calendared (extruded via a roller), both of which have various qualities and properties.


UV Offset Printing on Metalized Paper / Board

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UV Offset Printing on Metalized Paper / Board

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